A franchise system is understood as a continuous collaboration system between two legally and economically independent parties.

A franchise system is understood as a continuous collaboration system between two independent parties: You and Us.

Why a franchise?

Advantages of acquiring a franchise:
• A unique opportunity to have a genuine successful business of your own.
• The use of a certified brand widely known by the customers.
• Very low financial risk.
• Independence in running the business since the franchiser is its own boss even if he/she is to follow operational parameters by the brand.
• Optimization of your investment: you will be guided when purchasing proper equipment, choosing the right location for sale, as well as selecting and training the staff.
• Corporative advertisement aimed at creating a synergy between the former actions.

Benefits of acquiring a franchise

Reno´s goal is to make their stores succeed by giving them:
• The right to use the brand.
• Turf exclusivity.
• Advice in choosing the location for the store.
• Design and layout of the store.
• Support in launching the business.
• Initial training.
• Marketing and advertising.
• Assistant and support.
• Permanent communication with the company.
• Technological assistance and software for running the business.

The ideal profile of the franchise-holder

Our franchise-holder must:
• Be willing to embark on new projects.
• Have a positive, dynamic and proactive attitude.
• Have if possible experience in the construction field.
• Have leadership personality.
• Be an active member of the business.
• Be demanding when it comes to quality.
• Be able to work in teams.
• Have financial reliability suitable to run this business.
• Present a profile that matches both professionally and commercially.
• Have human values.